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// October 1st, 2019

Happy Fall!

Come see Matt Barber perform with grammy award-winning jazz saxophonist Mack Goldsbury on October 12th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM at Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort in Palm Springs, CA!

Matt has been busy working on a brand new world class recording project, recorded and produced in Los Angeles with producer David Enos, and featuring some of Matt’s favorite swingin’ west coast musicians. More to come soon!

Matt has just released a beautiful original song called “Moments In Time,” a blend of American and Jazz with lyrics by Matt Barber and music by Day Kelly. You can download the song via iTunes ( and Amazon ( You can also stream it on Spotify and Pandora. Check out the video below for a sample and behind the scenes footage.

Past Performances

// June 1st, 2019